This Good Neighbor Dressed Up Their Manatee Mailbox And We’re Kind Of Obsessed With It

life | 6/5/18

Hi diddly ho, neighborino!

Our neighbors can be a hit or a miss. You either know them well or you keep to yourself. But, it’s more fun to have neighbors who you can actually have a conversation with, and this one neighbor set an extremely high bar. He owns a manatee mailbox and what he did with it is beyond your wildest dreams. It’s not something you see every day, but it’d be pretty awesome to live on the same street as this family.

Celebrating The Blessings Of The Manatees

Mouse Thingy.jpg

Thanksgiving is certainly one of the more interesting holidays we celebrate, but when you have the family around the dinner table, make sure to be thankful for this awesome costume for your manatee friend. He looks so happy as everyone’s inside breaking bread and stuffing their face with turkey.

Spooktacular Ghost To Scare Any Trespassers


Ah… the classic ‘sheet over your head’ ghost costume. This one should have never gone out of style. Our manatee friend is pulling it off to perfection, and has the proper spooky accessories needed to be the talk of the neighborhood. The eyes are a nice touch, but hopefully this wasn’t too frightful for the mailman.

Stay Safe Out There, Folks

Pennywise Is Coming.jpg

When it rains, it pours. When the weather outside turns frightful and hurricane season settles in, it’s important to hunker down and dress for the elements. Even for a manatee who is used to the water, a raincoat never hurts. I thought hurricane season was over!

You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Hit It

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.jpg

Santa Claus is coming to town! While there’s no snow on the ground, everyone is in the festive spirit thanks to our manatee friend hanging out in the driveway. You can bet all the kids in the neighborhood will be checking out his mailbox to see if there are any presents left behind.