Tattoos That Have A Bigger Meaning Than Most

life | 6/5/18

A little ink with some meaning won’t hurt anybody.

Getting a tattoo is a kind of like getting a car. Both are big decisions and you have to know what you want before you make the purchase. Gone are days of prisoners and bikers getting artwork on their bodies.

It’s people like teachers who have one and siblings who proudly show off their ink as a tribute to a family member. There’s so much variety and creativity that goes into getting a tattoo, but some people wear their tattoos with pride because they mean just a little bit more.

A Unique Piece Of Ink

Deaf Tattoo.jpg

While we continue to make huge strides with modern medicine, we’ve only come so far. Hearing aids have continued to grow in power, and it looks like we’re closer than ever to finding a way to help out those who suffer from hearing loss. That being said, this person wears their disability with pride and a little humor.