Times When Grandparents Were So Innocent It Hurt My Heart

humor | 6/5/18

When innocence turns to ignorance and ignorance turns to entertainment, I’m all for it. With the world moving so fast because of technology, it’s really, really easy to fall behind and be buried in the past.

Grandparents have the tricky task of keeping up with technological and cultural trends that their grandchildren can barely keep up with. They’re usually too busy cooking your favorite meals and whooping your butt in cards to really care about getting with the times, and we can be really happy about it. This list is a compilation of all the times their innocence resulted in hilarity.

Read Between The Lines

Read Between The Lines (1).jpg

This was in the room of a teacher who’s been around for over 25 years and either they’re subtly telling their kids they don’t want to be there anymore, or it’s an innocent mistake. I’m going to go with the latter because if you look at the first letter of each sign and then put them together, it tells quite the story.

Technology Sucks

Fix the phone.jpg

You know the saying, “it’s five o’clock somewhere?” Well, for this granny, the saying would be that it’s 10:24 always. Okay, that was an awful joke I have to admit. She is wrong by saying this clock “always” shows the wrong time. As you know, even a broken clock is right twice a day… well in this case, only once.

Merry Christmas

Thong Thong Thong.jpg

This just spices up the Christmas party. Grandma was sick of the same old, same old, and thought some kinky lingerie baubles would be the spice this family needed. She remembered aunt Beth falling asleep while presents were being opened, and uncle Dave said he would rather shovel snow than be there, so she took the reins in her own hands.

I’ll Google That

Google Is That You.jpg

No matter how much you’re invested in figuring out the internet, it always sends you into an unexpected spiral. All grandpa wanted to do was go on Google to see if bananas went on sale at Costco. Instead, he had to chat with Yahoo, who is known for blabbing on about God knows what. We have to feel for grandpa here.