Times ‘Love At First Sight’ Was An Understatement

humor | 6/5/18

Sometimes you just know that you have something special with someone the first time you meet. Maybe it’s because of something impressive they do, like chug three beers in three minutes, or it could just be a feeling you get.

Sometimes love can’t be described or put into any category or label and it comes down to genuine companionship. Finding your best friend who also doubles as your lover is a tough thing to do, but the couples on this list are prime examples of it. These are the lucky ones who found exactly what they were looking for in a partner on the first date.

This Is The Definition Of A “Ride Or Die” Chick

Crime Couple.jpg

It takes a special couple to trust one another to the point where they would literally put their freedom on the line to see you save. Well, this couple is setting a pretty high bar, and has forced me to already reconsider any future relationships. Am I willing to steal a cop car for my spouse? I can barely drive. The answer is no.

As Soon As People Realize Chicken Nuggets Are The Key To Every Girl’s Heart… It’s Over

Chicken Nugs.jpg

Flowers are overrated. I never understood what’s so great about them. Sure, they’re pretty, and they smell nice. You know what else does? Chicken nuggets. Now, you can’t set your chicken nuggets in a vase to show off, but you can immediately stuff them in your face and save a ton on expense vase shopping. It’s a clear win-win scenario.

They Love Grocery Shopping For Very Different Reasons

Couple Cart.jpg

This is what we should all be striving for. The couple who rides together, stays together, and gets all the prune juice they need to make it through another week. You can tell they’ve been doing this their entire relationship, and frankly, they’re goals AF. I want someone to push me around the grocery store like this while I pretend to be shopping for my 76th diet of the month.

Shooters Shoot No Matter What Age

lady from note.jpg

Social media has really opened up the doors to the dating circuit. Imagine having to go out, strike up a conversation with a complete stranger, and then have the never to see them again? That sounds terrifying. Now we can just swipe right, meet up for a quick booty call, and move on. It’s impressive that the older generation is trying to get in on the action.