Reasons You Only Get One Family, Which Is Sometimes One Too Many

humor | 6/5/18

In one way or another, all families are dysfunctional.

You aren’t alone in this situation. Sure, your family will always be there for you, but you’re constantly surrounded by the craziness of your parents and siblings. Some families will go as far as giving their kid one small item in their care package, but you’ll be surprised to see why you only get one family in your lifetime.

Safety Regulations Ruin Everything

Safety Regulations Ruin Everything.jpg

Well, that’s a sign that families shouldn’t do their annual photo on such a rickety surface. That’s some perfect timing for the bridge to collapse and hopefully, this family didn’t get badly injured. You know what though, this would make such a great Christmas card to send out to the relatives.

Don’t Get On Mom’s Nerves

White Trash Mom.jpg

Seriously, don’t. Especially when she’s pregnant with your future brother or sister. This mom clearly doesn’t look happy since her daughter looked like she was about to steal some corn dogs. I really don’t know what’s going on with the kid and the face paint. Either way, she’s going to punish you for acting up in public.

Pancake Family

Pancake Family.jpg

Look at the pure willpower behind that dogs face. Having a pet in the family makes everything much better. Although, if it were a cat, there’s a good chance they wouldn’t be down to do this photo. They better have framed this photo and put it up on the mantel because it’s pretty funny to look at.

Care Packages Can Be So Misleading

HomeCare Package.jpg

Leave it to this dad for making such a short and simple care package for their kid in college. So much for having a great supply of food that will last until Thanksgiving. Maybe next time, the dad can include more than one chip, and maybe some soup would be nice.