Pictures Your Boss Doesn’t Want You To See Because You Should Be Working

humor | 5/8/18

Every workplace has one thing in common — they all have a slacker. They usually spend their days playing pranks, falling asleep, spreading gossip about co-workers and just being an overall pest. While it’s easy to say they should be fired, in reality, it’s much more difficult.

Many of them are experts in the art of deception — they’re extremely good at hiding their flaws when the boss is around. Sometimes it’s straight up begging, while other times it’s brown-nosing. Fortunately for us, but unfortunately for these people — these slackers were caught on camera. Note to self: don’t get caught ankle-deep in the lettuce. We don’t know exactly what happened to them after these went public, but we have a pretty good idea.

This Is So Millenial

phone wile working.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / Lolapuss

When you’re in the middle of a fight with your girlfriend, but you’re also at work, you have to make some sacrifices.

Customers are just going to have to wait a minute to get their chicken bacon club because he has to take care of other business. He doesn’t have a great hiding spot, but we can appreciate his criss-cross applesauce sitting position.

What’s Going On With Subway Employees?

Subway Bored.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit

What kind of questions do they ask prospective employees when interviewing for a job at Subway? Are you willing to slack off at any time possible? Can you fall asleep at any point and on any surface?

Let’s be honest though; we’re all very jealous that this guy had the kahunas to be so brazen about sleeping on the job.

Mirror Mirror On The, Uh, Employee

mirror mirror.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit

Well, this is one way to get fired. When you have an ugly Christmas sweater competition at work, it’s imperative that you kill your bosses self-esteem.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the most fired employee of them all? In all seriousness, we need more bosses like this that can take a joke without the power trip.

Coming up, a woman tries to transform her work uniform and her boss obviously doesn’t approve.

My Dog Ate My Homework, Or…

favorite reasons.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

There are many valid reasons to miss your shift at work. Whether it be calling in sick, or the death of a family member, etc. there are “classic skipping work excuses.”

Rarely do you see excuses like setting your own hair on fire, but I guess that’s a legitimate reason to miss work? The jury is still out on that one.

When You’re Looking For That Raise

really want work .jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / @John_The_Baptiste

When you want to suck up to your boss to get that raise, but you also don’t want to put in any extra effort.

He left his boss a nice note that was clear and concise about his love for the job. His face and body language may look miserable, but we can rest assured he loves his, uh, job?

Duct Tape Fixes Everything

covering up cleavage.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur / @PunkyPicc

Look, no work uniform is really that flattering unless you work at Hooters. This woman tried to give her work attire a little bit of a makeover, but it obviously wasn’t approved by her boss.

He made her duct tape the area he thought was inappropriate. Once again, duct tape fixes EVERY problem.

A wanna-be rapper put his mixtape in WHAT? That’s just ahead.

Lettuce Inform You That You’re Probably Going To Be Fired

standing on lettuce .jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

Lettuce is fairly bland tasting so the addition of footwear may actually add some much-needed flavor. A little sweaty lettuce never hurt anybody. Okay, maybe it did.

I think that it’s safe to say that after this picture went viral, this vegetable stamper was going to need to find a new job.

“Sorry Sir, You Didn’t Specify Where You Wanted To Add The Cheese”

cheese on side.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / @MathewSabia

Laziness might be the easiest skill to acquire when you’re working in fast food. There’s nothing more annoying than having people add or take away topping because it ruins the flow.

This person said they wanted to add cheese but didn’t specify where. Did they want it on the bun? In the burger? Separate to the burger entirely and just a slice of cheese? Well, when you don’t make it clear, this is what you get.

Honestly, It’s A Fire Mixtape

but it's fire .png

Photo Credit: Imgur

This is just genius marketing. When you have a mixtape and you need distribution, you find ways.

At the end of the day, the more ears that hear your music, the better. That crappy plastic toy in the happy meals won’t be worth anything in ten years. That mixtape absolutely will when he makes it big.

There’s not caring, and then there’s this picture coming up.

Took That WAY Too Literally


Photo Credit: Imgur / @henriksen1

This person wanted to have a surprise party for her mom on her birthday and sent some special instructions to ensure that she wouldn’t get suspicious of anything.

The packaging person literally copied and pasted the instructions for everyone to see and almost certainly ruined the shindig. Some things are not meant to be taken literally.

Pfft, That’s Not My Job

Poo Lines.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / @Giovani_Salami

This is the prettiest those turds have ever looked so they should be thankful for this lazy paint truck driver. These pieces of poo are all glammed up. It’s like turd fashion week.

He didn’t sign up to be a doggy-doo-doo handler so he did what he felt was necessary, which was to just drive right over it.

There Two Types Of Workers

not my problem .jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / @MooreEvo09

So there’s the type of employee that’s doesn’t even try to get out of the way,, and then there’s this guy. This is the definition of “not my problem” and it’s hard to blame him.

Getting out of the truck and moving the stick would take all of six seconds and if you think about all of the things you can do in six seconds, it’s just not worth it.

Coming up, an employee who REALLY wants to be educated on the product they’re selling and it went way too far.

“Just Be Yourself For This Head Shot”

employee of the month.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit

This guy understands the importance of branding yourself. He knows that this is going to be on the wall for customers and he’s newly single, which means he needs to show he has some serious ice around his neck.

He didn’t want just a run-of-the-mill headshot. He wanted to stamp his name in the history books.

There’s A Reason Wendy’s Has A Cult-Like Following


Photo Credit: Reddit / @EssMarksTheSpot

Employees that go the extra mile for their customers are a dying breed. It’s very easy to go through the day on cruise control and not put in any extra effort.

This employee should get upgraded to the manager or something because Wendy’s just got a lifelong customer.

All Of Their Food Is Tried And Tested

Wendys .jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

By the looks of this, Wendy’s also puts in the extra effort to ensure that the all of their employees know the menu back, front, in and out.

While Mcdonald’s McFlurry machine is ALWAYS broken, this guy is showing that their ice cream distributor is primed and ready to serve.

Want to see how NOT to fix a pillar that holds up a building? That’s just ahead.

“You Can Wait, I’m About To Win Here”

Employee Of The YEar .png

Photo Credit: Imgur

For anyone who has ever played Solitaire before, you know it needs your undivided attention. Once you’re in the game, you’re in the game. No distractions, no other tasks.

By the looks of it, these customers don’t have much longer to wait because she seems to have put a dent in the deck already.

To Serve And Uh, Protect

dancing police.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / @lachlanrawr

Contrary to popular belief, police officers can have some fun too. This guy is taking a really weird approach to protecting the parade goers but to each his own.

He looks like a he’s at a club and his favorite song just came on. He looks like he just found out that Starbucks is going to switch over to normal size names for their cups.

Well, That’s Not Promising At All

structural building.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / @hullobirdy

As much as every 45-year-old mom wants to believe that plastic wrap fixes everything, it really doesn’t.

The person who did this should’ve at least wrapped the beam in duct tape to give it a little bit more support. I’m not a construction worker, but I do have enough knowledge to know this isn’t a good idea.

This Employee Needs A Raise ASAP

Poop Pants .png

Photo Credit: Imgur

When you work at a retail store, your shifts can start to look very similar. It’s important to have a sense of humor about what you do because it’s sometimes the only way to get through the day.

I’m not sure why calling couches “butt shelves” hasn’t stuck yet, but it absolutely should.

If Your Family And Friends Won’t Tell You, This Person Will

slightly expanded.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / @vero877

This employee just got real about the smoking area. I mean, whoever made this sign isn’t wrong, smoking certainly doesn’t have any health benefits.

This employee is just trying to give their customers a public service announcement. Sometimes you just have to go the extra mile.