Pictures My Brain Couldn’t Figure Out For The Longest Time

humor | 6/5/18

Why look at boring, regular pictures like everybody else when you can look at pictures that send your brain to another planet in confusion. You should probably spin your eyes in a circle at least three times before reading this article because they’re going to be getting quite the optical workout.

These photos will cause you to look twice, blink about 15 times and then potentially blow your mind. If the latter happens, don’t sue me because I warned you. Enjoy.

Disproportioned Body

Big Back.jpg

This is what happens when you go to the gym and only workout your back. It’s true, back day at the gym is usually a day of resting because you never know if you’re even hitting the right muscles. If anyone had this big of a body and with this little of a head (other than like, Beetlejuice or something) that’s a serious problem.

What The What?

Pot Pot.jpg

Wouldn’t it be sweet to have three legs? That’s one more leg to kick your co-workers with when they forget to wish you a happy birthday. Don’t even get me started about the perks you would have if you were a soccer goalie. Are you kidding? NOTHING is getting by you. NOTHING.

Piggy Back

piggy back.jpg

This picture is confusing on a few different levels. Firstly, the little girl’s legs look like they’re a gross set of hands. If the little girl was a spider she would be a Daddy Long Legs because, well, you get the point. If she was an animal she’d be a giraffe because, well, you get the point again.

So Lost

Why did it take my brain.jpg

If you stared at this picture knowing it was some type of an illusion but STILL couldn’t figure out what it was, you’re not alone. At first, I thought it was a deformed puppy and then I thought it was a horse and then I thought it was the nativity scene (don’t ask). And finally, I got to the twisted head dog.