People Who Can’t Help But Be Overly Dramatic

humor | 6/5/18

Let’s be honest, we were all a little dramatic when we were younger. Our former selves cared way too much about trivial things. We can all remember a time when we overreacted in a situation where a cooler, sounder mind would have likely prevailed. That said, there are those people who took it to the next level. The ones who were overly dramatic all the time.

Chances are they never grew out of it and are still like that today. It’s that co-worker who comes down with a common cold and thinks they’re dying. The one who claims to be allergic or intolerant to everything under the sun. If you still don’t know who I’m talking about, I have more than a few examples below.

Check out the overly dramatic vegan whose life is apparently over because she may have eaten something containing evaporated milk.

All Eight Years

Diary Entries.jpg

Omg! All eight years of your life, how could they? Well, while we’re at it we should probably just take care of this now. Santa and the Tooth Fairy don’t exist either. Sorry, you had to find out this way. All joking aside though, dramatic diary entries are where most overly dramatic people get their start.