People Who Are Lost In Their Own World And Could Use A Gentle Shake

humor | 5/8/18

It’s not the worst thing to be in your own world every once in a while. Sometimes, reality is a cruel place and it can take a toll on your mind. If you set time out every day to zone out for a bit it could really help.

Unfortunately, when you escape reality for a while sometimes mistakes are made. Mind lapses in judgment tend to occur during this time, and we can’t be any more thankful for it.

Is There No Mercy For Humanity Anymore?

New Bubble Wrap.jpg

How far are we willing to go to punish the human race? By the looks of this headline, we’re ready to go farther than we ever imagined possible. Not one person can say bad things about bubble wrap. It was the fidget spinner before the fidget spinner even existed. Polls say bubble wrap has a 100% approval rating, I think.

Thank God For The Developments In Prosthetics

Sir Your Leg.jpg

Hey Bruce, I don’t know that it’s a great idea for you to be shoving your leg into a wood chipper. I know it gets jammed sometimes but, remember Brock, that’s what you brought that shovel that’s beside you out for. When we told you to “break a leg, Brian” we didn’t mean it literally.

“Go Home Little Buddy”

Tortoise throw.jpg

This is just blissful ignorance at play. This person thought they were saving an animal when in fact they actually just subjected it to one of the worst deaths ever. Torty The Tortoise went from loved to, uh, not so loved in about one second flat. In his defense, most of us wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a small tortoise and a turtle.

She Needs Better Friends

Grad Pictures.jpg

Graduation pictures are very important because they’ll be seen and shared for the rest of your life. This girl took time to get a professional photographer to take her to a wall that ended up being, well, a big mistake. There happens to be an interesting image in the backdrop to her picture that she didn’t notice until she got the pictures but now has to live with it forever.

Painting Himself Into A Corner

Paint Into A corner.jpg

This guy is literally painting himself into a corner. He’s now in his own world that consists of about 1×1 feet of rooftop. I know a lot of people say they are lonely, but THIS guy is the definition of lonely for the next four hours. He will actually have to watch paint dry for the next while, so my thoughts are with him.

This Is A World I Want To Live In

Martini Work Out.jpg

What world is this lady living in and are they taking applicants? If I knew that I could go to the gym with a margarita and not have a care in the world, I would do it. I never thought that there would be any incentive good enough to make me do calf raises every day, but I think I may have just found it.

How Does This Even Happen?

POsion Ivy On Your Face.jpg

Does this girl walk into a random forest and feel the need to sniff and feel every plant with her face? HOW does this happen? Nonetheless, she ends up looking like a new race of human being that we’ll probably see in like 2033 when we are 10 years past a nuclear war and the radiation is starting to kick in.

Eating And Driving Skills Need Some Tailoring

Spagetti and Drive.jpg

Sometimes it’s absolutely necessary to eat and drive. No, I didn’t say it was okay to eat and drive, or legal to eat and drive but it can be necessary. When you’re running late and there’s no time to have a nice candlelit dinner at home, the front seat becomes option A. You can easily get lost in your own world of spaghetti goodness and, well, crash.

This Is The Best Type Of Mistake

14.5 size shoes.jpg

There are very few mistakes that actually end up benefitting you more than you originally intentioned, but this is one of those times. A slipper is a slipper — you can run down to the corner store and snag a pair. What you can’t do is just snag a size 1,450 slipper that was probably worn by Godzilla just anywhere. This is incredible.

I Lied, This Is The Best Mistake

Krispy Kreme.jpg

Okay, a giant slipper that can fit a family of four is great and all but it’s not food. You can’t have the greatest mistake in history without it directly involving copious amounts of food. Donuts from Krispy Kreme will do JUST fine in my books, especially if there’s 2,400 of them.

“I Was Jamming Out To Beyonce And Then All Of The Sudden…”

Am I Over The LIne_.jpg

We all get into our own worlds when we’re mid-day cruisin’. As soon as that driving playlist comes on you can guarantee that our mind isn’t as sharp as it should be. We’re locked and loaded on the lyrics and if we accidentally run a red light then so be it. If we accidentally end up on top of two cars, so be it.

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

KIA Van.jpg

This is the double agent stuff that is going on in the car industry right now. This is probably an owner of a Toyota dealership who went out of their way to buy a KIA just to put this on the back window. It’s actually very effective and also allows for direct competition evaluation.

Uh, Mom?

Look Where I Am.jpg

Moms can sometimes get into their own world emotionally when they come to visit their kid at college. When they haven’t seen you in months and the anticipation is killing them, they don’t always think straight and can jump the gun. Like when you told her your dorm is first on the left, and she goes to the first on the right. This mom made herself at home quite nicely. That’s one way to meet the neighbors.

Not Going To Lie, It Looks Really Good

Doggie Sundae.jpg

Dogs are said to be a human’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean we have to finish their food for them. With that being said, it’s easy to see why this guy thought that it may have been ice cream. If you’ve seen the flavors that ice cream shops are putting out right now to be “different”, a Doggie Sundae isn’t even in the top 50 of the grossest. Asparagus and Onion ice cream guys… asparagus, and onion. Ew.

“So What Are We Going To Do Next?”

Cold Brew.jpg

Babysitting is a tough and thankless job. When you promised the parents that their kid would be in bed sleeping by 9 pm and that doesn’t happen, drastic measures need to be implemented. Kids can run a marathon without breaking a sweat when they even smell sugar, so imagine caffeine. You’re looking at the first person ever to be able to run across the ocean without getting wet.

THAT Moment

Twins Ruined Lives.jpg

We’ve all been told that there’s going to be a moment in our lives that change our everyday routine and sends us on a rollercoaster. Luckily for us, this exact moment was captured when this mom realized what she was in for with these twins. Wine nights with the girls? Nope. Impromptu trips to Vegas with the Hubby? Bye.

Really Wanting To Feel The Beat

Send Help Im Stuk.jpg

There are certain songs that just make us feel some type of way. It’s like you can’t get close enough to the speaker to truly appreciate how majestic it is. This person was in their musical bliss when they tried to go into the speaker and it ended up with a hospital trip. Leave no speaker behind.

Tomato – Tomat-oe, Potato -Potat-oe

My mum ordered a cake.jpg

The English language is tough. One misplaced letter can change an entire narrative. In this case, it could’ve ruined a birthday but in my opinion, it made it better. Not too many people get to say they have a blind girl on their cake. It’s different, it’s unique, it’s 2018. I like it.

Technology Is Hard


When 65-year-old Jim from accounting gets sent pictures of his grandchildren, he needs to copy them. Jim is one of those ‘overly confident with technology’ 65-year-olds who don’t ask questions. Jim wanted to copy the picture he was sent over Facebook. Jim embarrassed himself.

Sir, Uh, How Do I Say This?

Should I Tell Him.jpg

Either his dog just fell in and he isn’t aware of his surroundings, or he’s smart by making his dog swim. Look, anyone who can say that swimming is easier than walking should be investigated for being an alien. This will tire his dog 10 times quicker than walking which opens up more time for him at the end of the day.