People So Extra You Should Read All About Them

humor | 6/5/18

Being “extra” is a way of life. It’s something that follows you to work, to school, and even to bed. If you wear a face mask to bed whilst sleeping in the middle of 16 unnecessary throw pillows, you’re extra. If you come into the classroom late and STILL expect a standing ovation for your presence, you’re extra.

When someone is over the top it’s can make for some entertaining pictures. Luckily, this list has you covered with some of the funniest “extra” moments caught on camera.

Work Parties

Work Day.jpg

This girl spent four hours to make a sweater for her work’s themed Christmas sweater day only to find out NO ONE else participated. This is one of the most extra sweaters you’ll ever see but it’s definitely respectable and dedicated. She is literally wearing pine needles to work which have never made for a smooth fabric.

Good Lighting

Good Lighting.jpg

Look, it’s hard to blame this girl for wanting to make sure that the lighting is perfect for her pizza picture. Good lighting completely changes a picture in a positive way. If she’s sending it to “bae” then rest assured that her entire team is going to be there to support her. The bad quality of restaurant lighting is an actual problem that needs to be addressed ASAP.

Get You A Friend Who Is Also Extra

Extra For Your Man.jpg

When you just accept that you’re really extra, it’s important to surround yourself with like-minded people. If you’re wanting to wear a Gucci dress to a girls night in, don’t surround yourself with people who think ordering Chinese for takeout is bougee. You have to surround yourself with people who are going to wear Prada AND get hair extensions just to sit on the couch and watch Sex and the City.

We all regret how much we overshared on social media, but I guarantee it’s not as embarrassing as this kid coming up.

Wacky Hair Day

Extra Crazy hair Day.jpg

Wacky hair day at school was basically just an excuse to not shower and just go to school with your bed head. This mom took it to an extra level, but it’s amazing. The time and creativity that went into this hair are incredible and there’s no doubt she won wacky hair day.

Theatre Sneaking

Corn On the cob extra.jpg

The fact that you’re not allowed to bring your own food into movie theaters is borderline blasphemous. Basically, everyone smuggles candy or water into the movie, but not many try gourmet meals. This mom is well on her way as she got some corn on the cob in. Her next step is smuggling an entire Thanksgiving dinner.

Love Is Dangerous

Everytime I think Extra.jpg

There’s that age when you grow up using social media in which you repulsively overshare your entire life. For example, this kid will be regretting this decision to post this sequence of his hysteria for the rest of his life. Let’s just hope that Emma is/was worth it.

Sometimes the best gift to your dad is one that you would’ve never guessed. Take the example just ahead as proof.

Sneaking Out Is An Art

hair Extra.jpg

Sneaking out late at night is an actual art. Some are naturally good at it, while others are not. Some are nimble enough to sneak out of a window with virtually no sound, while others make more noise than an elephant trying to get into a car window. It’s more about the preparation than anything. Sometimes parents check in to see if you’re sleeping, so it’s always important to have a decoy.

Winner Of Halloween Everywhere

Baby Costume.jpg

This baby wins Halloween hands down. While other six-month-olds are barely prancing around in a cow or cat onesie, this baby is literally ready for World War 45. The amount of dedication that’s put into this costume is a little bit extra, no doubt, but the end product is certainly worth it.

Uh, Dad?

Phone Case Extra.jpg

You know that dad that’s overly excited about EVERYTHING? Yeah, this is him. You can give him a live grenade and he’ll find a way to be excited about it. This furry phone case does have some practical uses though. For example, you’ll never have to worry about having a cold phone because it’s protected by a layer of polar bear skin.

It’s very important to always have a friend who’s willing to go to great lengths to ensure the most extra photo shoot ever. Sometimes “that” friend comes in an unusual form.

Dogs Just Want To Have Fun

Dog Extra.jpg

Sometimes dogs want to take time out for themselves instead of just pleasing you all day. Some want to go and get their nails done, while others would rather ride a roller coaster. This fellow, however, just wants to see what he would look like if he ever starred in a cartoon as the main dog.

Buoyancy Matters

Asap Extra.jpg

A$AP Rocky looks like he’s about to go to a pool party but he can’t swim. This vest is so buoyant it would’ve kept the Titanic from sinking, and yet here A$AP is just wearing it for fashion. Since when did lifejackets become fashionable? With that being said, if there’s anyone who can do it, it’s A$AP Rocky.

This Is Why We Can’t Go Anywhere

Sophie Extra.jpg

Whenever you go somewhere new with friends, it’s important to always have that one person who doesn’t want to be in the pictures but is more than willing to take them. While you and your friends are being extra trying to get the perfect sunset picture, this person is hanging out, just trying to get the perfect angle.

Graduation pictures last a lifetime, so make them good. If that means being a little extra and bring what this person did coming up, do it.

“I Have A Cold”

Feeling Chill Extra.jpg

This is a lifehack. If you even feel a cough coming on ALWAYS call the ambulance because the ride is comfy and you get to skip the emergency room line. Just kidding, don’t do this because it takes up resources for people who actually need them and the emergency room sucks but you just have to deal with it.

Bathing Royalty

Getin Into The Tub.jpg

No, this isn’t the entrance way to prom or a White House gala. This is someone’s curtains in their bathtub. Let’s hope they never have to light candles around it because there’s enough fabric in the bathroom to start a fire that could light up New York City. This is the definition of being elegantly extra.

Grad Pictures Last A Lifetime

Grad Extra.jpg

It’s very important that you look good in your graduation photos because they’re going to linger like a bad fart for the rest of your life. Most of your parents and grandparents’ friends are literally only going to know you from these pictures so be sure they’re good. If you need to bring better lighting, bring better lighting.

Just ahead is a hilariously extra funeral some friends had for their boy who just got into a new relationship. RIP.

Extra Gum

Extra Gum.jpg

Can we just talk about the fact that if you bring out a pack of gum in front of anyone, it apparently is an invite for them to ask for a piece? It’s like gum is going out of stock across the entire country every time a pack is seen in public. The litmus test for if you’re really friends with someone should be asking them for a piece of gum. If they say “this is my last piece” then they’re not your friend.

Dog Photoshoot

Pumpkin Patch .png

WHY DO DOG PEOPLE HAVE TO BE SO OUTRAGEOUS? There’s no reason to do this in public and bring complete shame to your family’s name. Buy a pumpkin, dress your dog up like a pumpkin, but do it in the privacy of your own home. With that being said, this dog is an absolute natural and is really working it.

We Lost A Good One

Funeral For the man.jpg

When one of the boys gets a girlfriend you can almost guarantee a change in lifestyle. No longer are Saturdays for hanging out with the boys — they’re now for sitting outside of Sephora waiting for your girlfriend to pick out an eyeshadow. These funerals are becoming more popular and rightly so. RIP.

Again, Dog People Are Nuts

Dog people Suk.jpg

Why are people and pets a thing? Dog owners are so over the top it is actually painful to look at sometimes. This puppy’s face says everything you need to know about how it’s feeling with those ugly sandals on. My 85-year-old grandpa called, he wants HIS grandpa’s sandals back.

Anything For Dessert

Faked Proposal.jpg

Look, dessert is not cheap, especially if you’re living on a student budget. The double chocolate lava cake is a must have but it’s also $14. What do you do? Well, if you fake a proposal, you’re almost guaranteed to get pampered by the restaurant from then on in. This couple did it right and exposed the loophole that ultimately got them their free dessert.