People In For Another Bad Day And It’s Not Going To Get Any Better

humor | 6/5/18

Everyone’s had a bad day at some point in their lives.

Not all lousy days come out the same. They can start off good in the morning, then deteriorate into the sun by the time the afternoon hits. You might consider your day ruined if you shaved your head then went to the beach right after. Don’t feel sorry, these people had it much worse than you did.

So Close To The Jackpot

So Close To The Jackpot.jpg

Photo Credit: HeelTurn / reddit

If this happened to you on Friday the 13th, go ahead and kick the chair. Can you imagine how much you could have won if that stupid seven actually lotted in with the others? You’re not alone in this situation. This goes to show that slot machines just love to tease us.

Funeral For A Friend

Rough Start To The Funeral.jpg

Photo Credit: Vikramsharma / imgur

Looks like someone is dying to get out of the funeral car. That’s one way to escape a funeral by having the coffin slam out of the back windshield. As brutal as this is, the driver could just tape up the windshield with cardboard — no one’s looking too deep through the windows anyway. Hopefully, this doesn’t happen ever again.

Wrong Turn, Bro

Stuck In Cement With You.jpg

Photo Credit: [deleted] / reddit

Well, that’s one way to ruin the commute home from work for everyone. There’s some concrete evidence that this person is clearly not the brightest tool in the shed. I never understand how people are able to get in and out of their house when there’s construction going on, but this is a good reason why you should probably just take the bus.

Up next, the fun on the rollercoaster stops before the first drop.

Put Them In The Trash

Roses In The Trash.jpg

Photo Credit: Mental_Moose / reddit

This is more sad than funny. It actually sucks when you got out of your way to buy someone a bouquet of roses. The moment they reject you stings more than a bee sting. Don’t worry, Romeo, love will find its way onto your lap the day you least expect it!


Ghost In The Background.jpg

Photo Credit: JackLynch11/ reddit

Pranks like this are so fun to do! Too bad the girl looking to make a scare couldn’t make a funnier face compared to this attempt at being scary. The best part about this is the moment these girls find out there’s something more in the background.

The Fun Was Ruined

Stuck On A Rollercoaster.jpg

Photo Credit: bjscott/ reddit

Rollercoasters are filled with anxiety, but if the ride gets stuck before the first drop, there’s nothing you can really do. You have to wait until maintenance saves the day and do your best not to have a panic attack.

If that’s not bad, imagine the moment you’re about to crash a porta-potty on a short bridge. You’ll see what I mean coming up.

Facts On Facts

Facts On Facts.jpg

Photo Credit: [deleted] / reddit

If you ever have a disastrous day, Google this photo. It will most certainly cheer you up. To be honest, nobody, including Ronald Wayne, expected Apple to become such a popular brand across the world. Poor Ronald, he’s probably kicking himself in the keester to this day.

Not The Smartest Idea

Bad Hair Day.jpg

Photo Credit: @CadeHuckabay / twitter

Let this be a friendly reminder that you should not shave in the middle of a heat wave. We don’t want to go into full detail about how his head swelled up, but we’ll just say that next time he should wear a baseball cap and slap on some sunscreen.

Oh, The Humanity!

Oh The Humanity.jpg

Photo Credit: mykeuk / reddit

Yikes, that’s going to be one hot mess. Thankfully, there aren’t many other drivers around, but the poor soul driving behind the truck is going to get the worst thing since Suicide Squad came out.

Just ahead is the moment when you get in the car followed by the awful realization you forgot the most important thing.

Texting And Driving Has Consequences

Text And Drive Is A NO NO.jpeg

Photo Credit: ephur/ reddit

Remember folks, put the damn phone down when you’re driving, or else, you’re going to t-bone someone else’s vehicle. This guy went full-savage mode just to call out the culprit who hit him. Hopefully, his insurance company will be reasonable and hopefully, he gets a new whip soon.

Pizza On The Floor

Pizza On Floor.jpg

Photo Credit: iske / reddit

This is worse than a first date. The second that hot fresh dough is delivered to your door, excitement ensues. Once the pizza box is your hands, the last thing you want to do is get a little too excited and end up dropping it all over the ground. At least this guy knew what to do — cry and curl up into the fetal position.

Looking For The Keys

Looking For The Keys.jpg

Sure, it might be Friday, but here we have a lady who seemingly forgot the most important part of the car — the keys. At least we know that she couldn’t just drive away like this.

We’ve all been through this before, but coming up, there’s a reason why everyone needs to stand clear for takeoff at the airport.


DIY No No.jpg

Photo Credit: bedsomt / reddit

Well, there’s a first for everything. It would be very unfortunate if this happened on a Monday because really, that’s the worst day of the week. But, this contractor will have a case of the Monday Blues after they see what went wrong with their van.

First Day At The Academy

Sprayed At The Military.jpg

Photo Credit: MicahAmey / imgur

This isn’t the best way to make a strong first impression at the academy. Sprinklers like this are always going to come up when we least expect it. Someone has to be in on this joke though. With so many new cadets coming through the system, they’ve surely found the perfect place to sit them down for that first talk.

Before Liftoff

Crash Before Takeoff.jpg

Reasons like this are an example why everyone needs to clear the freeway before takeoff. You’d think it would be easier to avoid crashing into a plane, considering they have pretty obvious runways.

A crash on the runway is one thing, but coming up, you’ll see why having your body stuck in a coil is a nightmare.

Oven Door, On The Floor

Oven Bust.jpg

Photo Credit: frankbill / reddit

Power without control leads to this disaster. He got way too excited for his frozen pizza to be done and opened the oven door a little too quickly. Old appliances can be such a drag, but he’s probably going to try the fix the door before buying a brand new one.


Key In The Tire.jpg

Photo Credit: mohair69 / reddit

We can only assume those aren’t the keys to the car, because how else would they have started the car in the first place? Unfortunately for this guy, not only is he going to struggle to unlock the front door to his house, but he’s probably going to be a little late for work.

A Man In A Coil

Stuck In A Coil.jpg

Photo Credit: Torrothemad / reddit

What does it take for a grown man to get himself stuck in a coil? Better yet, the question of how he actually got in there will be one of life’s greatest unsolved mysteries. Do you think he’ll get out? There’s only one way to find out.

The best excuse to call in sick for work is just around the corner.

Late For Class? No Problem

School Bus Crash.jpg

Photo Credit: DonkeySlap / imgur

When you wake up late for school and the buses stop right inside of your house. This is one of those vivid dreams kids have when they’re worried about the first day of school. Thanks to this bus driver, they’re stuck going to school and they have to live somewhere else for awhile.

Beef Stew

Beef Stew.jpg

Photo Credit: Se7en_Sinner / reddit

From what’s going on here, she was trying to catch some rays, but this dog had other plans to ruin her day. He was looking for the right spot to pee/pass gas and he stuck a gold mind! That’s her fault for wearing red since most fire hydrants are that color.

Excuse To Call In Sick

Can't Go Anywhere.jpg

For those of you who don’t have to drive in six feet of snow in the wintertime, be grateful. It’s the absolute worst.

You learn to appreciate having your skin burn on the leather seats in the summer, because scraping ice off your windshield in the winter is a crime fit for a Saw movie. If it’s so cold that the handle breaks off of your car, it’s confirmation to just go back to bed and try again tomorrow.

Once the handle is fixed, you better hope that the gear-switch isn’t busted.

Never Forget


If you just bombed that midterm even you studied your butt off, the grass is always greener on the outside.

It goes without saying that certain people will always get left behind in your hometown. They don’t amount to anything, so their last resort is making demo tapes with the hope of becoming the next Real Slim Shady.



Good luck trying to explain this one to mom and dad. Once they come back from their weekend getaway, you and your siblings will try to blame the mess on each other.

Not only that, but you’ll be reminded that having a party without the parents around wasn’t a great idea after all.

Just Call It A Day

what the.jpg

Seriously, who decided to make cars so fragile? We’ve become so reliant on them that it now makes more sense to drive the 30 seconds to the corner store rather than walk for two minutes. That’s two minutes of ice cream eating time that you could be missing out on.

Kicking it into high gear only to have the handle break on you is probably the plot of Speed 3, if they’re ever looking to make it a trilogy.

If you’re not quite ready to grow up just yet, take some notes on one guy who doesn’t seem to have the basics of life figured out just yet.

Face Down

Face Down.jpg

Having the privilege of riding around on that brand new scooter does come with consequences. It’s probably wise not to do the bunny-hop right near wet cement, especially if your friends triple-dog dared you to do it.

Now, this kid is probably crying trying to get the scooter off the wet cement.

Gucci Mustard

mcgregor stolen selfie.jpg

Capturing that perfect selfie can be a total pain. The lighting has to be right, your eyebrows have to be on fleek, and your pecs almost certainly have to be popping.

So even when a megastar like Connor McGregor finds the perfect picture, he obviously has no problem cutting out those people in his life that are trying to steal his spotlight.

Foam Party

Foam Party

Starting your journey from child to young adult definitely has its twists and turns. You learn a lot about all the things your parents did to make sure you were able to live for the first 18 years of your life.

So don’t be surprised when you find yourself on the ground crying because a simple task like running the dishwasher is beyond your realm of thinking. It will get better.

Public transit can be tough, but it’s even worse when you’re stuck with the worst seat in the house.

Someone Has To Take The Plunge

Someone Has To Take The Plunge

A clogged drain can really ruin a person’s day, but when it happens in a public restroom, it affects everybody. When you really have to go and see that ‘closed for maintenance’ sign, it’s pretty natural to start panicking.

Just remember, there’s a poor soul on the other side of that door who has to go and do the dirty work. We salute you, kind sir.

Rough Day For A Walk

Rough Day For A Walk

As someone who is forced to walk anywhere and everywhere, I make sure to steer clear of puddles. The spray is inevitable, and there’s rarely anywhere to hide.

If you’re someone who is reliant on public transit and are forced to stand around waiting for a bus, give yourself some time after a rainstorm. Your clothes with thank you for it.

The Worst Seat On The Bus

The Worst Seat On The Bus

There’s a packed bus, and then there is whatever this is. Maybe the bus driver didn’t hear her calls that they missed her stop, but she should have been able to find a better seat. That bus doesn’t even look full!

Sometimes, you can get forced off the bus by some pushy bystanders, so good for her for standing her ground.

if you’re a cake lover, prepare to have your world shattered.

Don’t Look Down


It’s important to be aware of your surroundings. It’s easy to get caught up in your own little world, but take time to see the sights, smell the roses, and read the signs.

Not all of them will be quite so useful, but when you see a ‘wet paint’ sign, don’t take it as an invitation to take a seat.

Happy Birthday To The Floor


This is the physical representation of someone wanting to have their cake and eat it too. It literally cannot be done.

You either are left having eaten an entire cake in one sitting and riding an extreme sugar rush, or you have too much cake that you’re racing to give away, and end up faceplanting.

Nothing’s Over Easy


Eggs are an essential part of so many of our favorite recipes. Cake? Eggs. Pancakes? Eggs. Cupcakes?! Eggs.

So, now that we’ve learned that eggs and cakes go together like peanut butter and jelly, you can imagine the outcry when all these eggs were found on the street. Simply tragic.

Make Sure To Hire A Professional

Make Sure To Hire A Professional

Simple DIY home repair looks like it’s money worth saving, but really, there’s always a downside. Holes are missed, paint colors aren’t matched, and ceilings cave.

Unfortunately, this is going to cost way more than the floorboard they were trying to replace, and may even include a trip to the hospital.

Guess I’m Sleeping Outside

Guess I’m Sleeping Outside

This is the last thing you want to see when you get home from a long day of work. It’s really a helpless feeling when you’re locked out of your own house.

I mean, you’re separated from all your stuff — your couch, your food, maybe even your dog! No one should have to go through this.

Just A Bit More

Just A Bit More

Would it be rude to send this back to the chef? Some people really love pepper, but I don’t think you can order just pepper with a side of egg, can you?

Aspiring chefs around the world have all questioned themselves, wondering what exactly is too much pepper. This. This is too much.

The Perfect Family Photo Doesn’t Exist

The Perfect Family Photo Doesn’t Exist

This seemed like such a great idea… until it wasn’t. A nice beach shot with your two young children seems like the perfect place to get a little wild and creative, but all it takes is one big breeze to turn that all on its head.

No babies were harmed in the making of this photo, but I’m sure some parents were questioned afterward.

Must Be A Monday

Must Be A Monday

The beginning of the week is always rough. It’s easy to be a step slow when you just had the whole weekend to yourself with no boss to answer to.

So don’t be too hard on yourself if you lose sight at the job at hand and somehow bury your ditch digger in the sand. You have a whole week to make up for it!

Don’t Even Bother Waking Her

Don’t Even Bother Waking Her

For her sake, she can hopefully just sleep through all of this. Spiders are one of the most terrifying things on this planet, so if you can just snooze through a face-to-face meeting with one, you take it.

Unfortunately, she can’t even hear her friends screams of terror because of the headphones over her ears.

How Do Avoid Getting A Ticket

How Do Avoid Getting A Ticket

So apparently, one way to avoid getting a ticket is to keep this box on your passenger seat. If you get pulled over, you can just look over sadly as you tell the cop that you’ve had a really rough day.

It might be shady, but I bet it works!

I’d Just Go Back Home

I’d Just Go Back Home

Again, waiting for the bus is the worst after a big rainfall. There’s nowhere to hide, and it seems like most drivers are actively looking for someone to splash.

If this happened to me, I’d have no problem just turning around and going home for the day. I think the emotional trauma would be too much to handle.

Worst. Halloween. Ever.

halloween flip fail.jpg

Halloween was such a simpler time. Getting the chance to dress up and go door-to-door for free candy? Why did we ever give that up as we got older? How did that make us cool?

Unfortunately for the little tyke in the back, all that sugar got away from them as they tumbled out of their swing.