Hopeless Romantics That Are Doomed In This Crazy World Of Ours

humor | 6/5/18

Not all relationships last a lifetime.

Most of us crash and burn for a while before we settle down and eventually meet someone. It happens when we least expect it, and suddenly your significant other is your teammate along with being your best friend. But, once you two are together, the world might not be ready for it, like the first time we found out about Kim and Kanye. Getting engaged at a dealership isn’t something you see every couple do, but it works for them. Either way, it’s the small things like that where you try to make each happy, I guess.

“Come Play With Us,” They Said. “It’ll Be Fun,” They Said.

Come Play With Us They Said. It'll Be Fun They Said.jpg

The Reaction Will Be Worse Than A Soap Oprea

The Reaction Will Be Worse Than A Soap Opera.jpg

Single People Trolling This Couple For Fun

What A Way To Troll This Couple.jpg

Say Yes At The Dealership

Say Yes At The Dealership.jpg