People Who Definitely Thought They Spotted A Celebrity And Have The Pics To Prove It

entertainment | 6/5/18

Ever see a celebrity and think “Oh my god, that’s Vince Vaughn” at the grocery store? Only seconds after you take the photo and post it on social media, you suddenly realize it wasn’t really them and it was just their doppelganger all along.

It’s a crushing blow to the heart, but that still doesn’t stop people from taking a quick pic. Imagine spotting Queen B shopping somewhere you wouldn’t expect her to be?

George Clooney’s Half Brother

Not George Clooney.jpg

We’re 90% sure that’s Jake Gyllenhaal, but that kind of looks like George Clooney’s long-lost half-brother. But we all know this isn’t the real George.

I mean, why would be at a bar with a bunch of Canadians? He would have dropped “eh” in every line of his movies.

Zach’s Brother That’s Not Really Him

Zach Galifinakis Look A Like.jpg

Every wolfpack needs a wildcard, and if you can’t find your own Zach Galifianakis, you might just have to settle. If we’ve learned anything, it’s that a good beard can make up for pretty much any of your faults.

So long as you can rock it with confidence, you can pretty much be mistaken for any movie star, even the beardless ones.

Not Macklemore

Not Macklemore.jpg

This girl tried to convince everyone on her Facebook feed that she met Macklemore. Honestly, any tall dude with a haircut like that can look so much like the Grammy Award-winning artist.

It’s not every day we see musicians at festivals, but the next “musician” is Irish and was spotted at an Adobe convention.

I’m Mike Tyson?

Not Mike Tyson.jpg

He looks like he came to the bar last minute and someone drew Tyson’s tattoo on his face. Either way, he’s not going home with any of these ladies.

He could be his extra from The Hangover, but I’m not sure the tier would have listened to him.

George R R Martin Wannabe

George R R Martin Wannabe.jpg

Yeah, the hat makes him look like the author of Game of Thrones, but this guy would be good enough to be his stunt double if he ever dropped the pen for a quick cameo in a TV show that was inspired by his novels.

Sometimes, fans can go a little too far ahead at times when it comes to fan-fiction.

Nice Hair, Bono

Bono With A Slick Flow.jpg

Don’t worry U2 fan, we often find the lead singer hanging around at Adobe conventions when he’s not touring or making music. It won’t be long before their next single will be about the computer program.

For the next musician just ahead, let’s just say you wouldn’t expect a former member of Destiny’s Child shopping at Target.

From House To Doppelganger

Doppleganger Of Hugh Laurie.jpg

Imagine going to a show hosted by Hugh Laurie and you ran into his doppelganger.

This fan clearly has the face of a person that realized the second they took the photo that it was not the renowned actor from House.

It Might Be Morgan’s Dad

Morgan Freeman's Dad.jpg

As crushing as it’s about to sound, this isn’t Morgan Freeman.

If this was in Hollywood, there’s a good chance there would be someone walking up and down Hollywood Boulevard fooling people into thinking it was the man who we all want to have narrate our lives.

Doesn’t Shop At Target

Not Beyonce At Target.jpg

Do you really think Queen B is going to show up at Target buying things? Maybe, but with the amount of money her and Jay-Z have, that’s probably the last place they’ll shop, especially for their kids.

Just ahead, one artist who is thought to be one of Britain’s best, but it wasn’t really him.

Guardians Of The Liars

Not Chris Pratt.jpg

It looks nothing like Chris Pratt. Okay, maybe the face and the beard, but he’s clearly not Star-Lord from Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Maybe this was his stunt double from the sequel, but we’re just going to play it safe and say that it’s just one average Joe.

Danger Zone

Danger Zone.jpg

Oh my God, it’s Tom Cruise filming the sequel to Top Gun! said no one ever. It’s just some guy doing his job working at Universal Studios.

He looks exactly like him but once he takes the sunglasses off, these fans are going to be so disappointed that it’s not him.

Shape Of You

Ed Sheeran Lol.jpg

One of Britain’s biggest musicians got rid of his beard, lazy eye, and glasses in a matter of seconds. Just kidding, it’s just another guy that fans are under the assumption is actually the guy behind the Divide album.

Sure, it’s no Ed Sheeran, but coming up, a rapper who claims to be the so-called “6 God”.

Guy With Slick Tattoos

Guy Fiereri.jpg

Look! It’s Guy Ferrari with some tattoos. Nope, that’s another average Joe walking around like he’s the famous TV host.

Better yet, to take your mind off of this, Google Guy without a goatee and regular. hair The difference will actually make you burst into laughter.

Thor And Iron Man

Not RDJ.jpg

Two things. First off, that is actually Chris Hemsworth on the left. Secondly, as much as we love to see him roll his eyes in a sarcastic way, that’s definitely not Robert Downey Jr.

The hair and face are there, but that tattoo is a pretty dead giveaway that something’s up.

Running Through The Six?

It's Not The 6 God.jpg

Champagne Papi, is that you!? The resemblance is so unbearable and this guy doesn’t look Canadian enough to be Drake. At least these girls only posted a Snapchat of the “Six God”.

Wait until the next picture coming up shortly. It will make you think that this rapper’s death was just a hoax all along.

Chuck Norris Is Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris Is Chuck Norris.jpg

There’s some excitement in this photo. Let’s hope this Chuck Norris look-a-like puts this to their full advantage.

Hopefully, no one challenges him to a fight, because there’s a lot to live up to. Much like Norris himself, he looks like he’s been punched in the face more than once.

The Man Behind Star Wars

Not George Lucas.jpg

Star Wars fans will notice the difference between this guy and George Lucas immediately. Better yet, the superfan beside him looks a lot like actor Bret Spiner from Independence Day.

It’s so awesome when celebrity look-a-likes collide and meet each other.

2Pac Never Died

2Pac Is Not Dead.jpg

It was all a hoax. 2Pac never died, he just went into hiding for about 20-years or so. Really though, this guy could actually pull off being the one to play the late rapper in his own biopic movie.

Does the Academy give out awards for people who look like a deceased musician?

Fat Christoph Waltz

Fat Christoph Waltz.jpg

Man, guess Christoph Waltz is taking a turn with his new movie role. How about his lady friend drinking back that beer though?

As much as he looks like the Oscar-award winning actor, there won’t be a day where we see him put on extra pounds for a specific movie part.

If Larry David Was On Drugs

Larry David On Drugs.jpg

If that happened, Seinfeld would be on another level from a show about nothing. How great is this?

Imagine attending a festival with a Larry David hippie sign and you meet someone that looks just like him? We don’t expect the real Larry to do any of this anytime soon.